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Do It Yourself (DIY)

Relobotic's Do It Yourself (DIY) is a flexible and cost-effective solution aimed at interns or professionals involved in short-term relocations who prefer to have a more hands-on role in their relocation process. Recognizing that these individuals often desire a balance between professional support and personal autonomy, our DIY service provides a wealth of resources and online assistance that empowers them to effectively manage their own relocations.


The service equips users with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, including access to community guides, legal and regulatory information, checklists, and more. In addition to these resources, users also receive access to our online platform, where they can seek guidance from our team of relocation experts. Our professionals are available to answer queries, provide advice, and assist with any challenges that might arise during the relocation process. In this way, the DIY service combines the best of both worlds – the flexibility of self-management with the security of professional support.


Standard: 1 day*

*Exact number of program days can vary based on the required services

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