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Hong Kong

Embrace the Unmatched Energy of Hong Kong: Where East Meets West, Tradition Meets Innovation.

This vibrant city, a Special Administrative Region of China, is a global financial center, with a unique blend of Eastern and Western influences, creating a unique culture and lifestyle. With its striking cityscape of towering skyscrapers set against the backdrop of Victoria Harbour, it is renowned for its energetic atmosphere, bustling street markets, and diverse food scene.

Professionals relocating to Hong Kong will find a dynamic and international business environment. Known for its ease of doing business, Hong Kong is home to numerous multinational corporations and provides opportunities across a variety of sectors, including finance, trade, and technology. English is widely used in business and social contexts, making it easier for expatriates to adjust. Yet, understanding the local culture and learning some Cantonese can go a long way in developing relationships and networking.

Families will find a host of amenities and activities in Hong Kong. A variety of international schools offer excellent education options. In terms of lifestyle, there is an intriguing mix of modern malls, traditional markets, tranquil parks, and outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and boating. The city is also a food lover's paradise, with everything from world-class dining to delectable street food, showcasing a wide range of global cuisines.

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ranked worldwide for cost of living to date


international schools

> 301,000

expatriates to date

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