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Settling In

Relobotic's Settling-In is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for employees relocating to a new country. We offer comprehensive support in various areas to ensure a seamless adjustment process. Our dedicated team assists with providing assistance with setting up utilities, and ensuring that essential services are established efficiently. We go beyond traditional services and also support mobile phone connection, broadband setup, and public transport card arrangement.

In addition to these services, Relobotic helps employees with the set-up of bank accounts, ensuring they have access to financial services and can manage their finances effectively in their new country. We also provide guidance and support for the conversion of driving licenses, ensuring that employees understand the local regulations and requirements and can navigate the process smoothly.

Furthermore, we offer general support and a listening ear during the initial adjustment period, addressing any concerns or challenges employees may face. Our goal is to create a supportive environment where employees feel valued, understood, and empowered to navigate the challenges of settling into a new environment. With Relobotic's settling-in service, employees can focus on embracing their new life and feeling at home in their new country.


Standard: 1 to 2 days*

*Exact number of program days can vary based on the required services

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